Thermos JDG-351C Mug with Handle and Lid

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Look effortlessly chic at work with the new minimalist vacuum-insulated Mug with Handle and Lid! Never leave your hot coffee and tea to turn cold on the desk ever again but have it warm till the last sip.

Enjoy cold drinks with zero exterior condensation, keeping your table surface clean without water stains. The Mug comes with a well-fitted detachable lid that will keep dust away whenever you're preoccupied or when you have to leave your desk, while the round rim promises an enjoyable drinking experience.

Capacity: 0.35L
Heat insulation (1 hour): 67°C & above
Cold insulation (1 hour): 8°C & below

Stainless Steel

8 x 11 x 11cm

Powder Pink , Milk White & Navy