Thermos JDP-300 Dishwasher-safe Tumbler Cup with Lid

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One of the best-selling products during WFH, your favourite Tumbler Cup is refreshed with a new design, features and colour series! It is dishwasher-free, comes with a fitted lid and more handy with long-lasting temperatures.

Enjoy your daily hot or cold beverage at the table the way you like it. With the vacuum insulation technology, the exterior of the Tumbler Cup will be zero condensation when filled with a cold beverage and not cause scalding when filled with a hot beverage. Your favourite beverage stays chilled (less diluted) or warm for maximum enjoyment for at least 1 hour and up to 2 hours, till your last sip!

Not leak-proof but suitable for most beverages including alcoholic drinks.

Capacity : 0.3L
Heat insulation (1 hour) : 70°C & above
Cold insulation (1 hour) : 7°C & below

Stainless Steel

8.0 X 8.0 X 10.5cm

Black , White, Light Blue