BODUM Joycup Granola 0.30L

BODUM Joycup Granola 0.30L

2021-02-08 17:30:11

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Always on the go? Savor a healthy snack on the move courtesy of our innovative Joycup Granola. This reusable snack cup is perfect for taking your cereal, fruit, muesli, milk or yoghurt with you, whether you’re going to the office, school, traveling, or simply enjoying a relaxing afternoon in the park.

This useful snack cup keeps wet and dry ingredients separate until you’re ready to eat – no more soggy granola or mushy fruit here! Keep your milk or yoghurt fresh in the large double wall cup, while the clever bubble ensures granola, fruit and other toppings stay crisp and vibrant on top. The contents are kept secure with a silicone seal until hunger strikes. Then mix together with the clip-on spoon, and tuck in!

BPA-free plastic

10.2cm Width x 18.3cm Height x 9.7cm Depth

Strawberry Pink, Verdana Purple, Blue Moon, Shadow White