Stay Safe Essentials Pack (DISCONTINUED)

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Staying safe has always been a priority for every one, which is much more evident in current times.

This is why we have specially put together the ‘Stay Safe Essentials Pack’ . Packed with useful items to keep you and your beloved ones safe. Let us help you stay safe together.

Contents Include:
- Stylish Hand Sanitizer Spray (35ml)
- Portable Face Mask Holder
- 1x Wet Wipes, 3x Disposal Masks, 4x Alcohol Pad, 1x Ziplock
- Trendy Ergonomic Face Mask
- Handheld UV Germ Sterilization Lamp (Optional Add-On)

*In the event that any of the item is unavailable, we would recommend an item with equivalent value. 😊

26 x 20 x 8cm (Kraft Box)