500ml Vacuum Flask with Temperature Display & Tea Infuser

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Touch the screen to know the temperature before you drink! The lid is designed with a temperature display to ensure your mouth and tongue will not be burnt by hot water.

'Water Droplet' Temperature Indicator:
- Red: Hot water. Drink with caution
- Green: Warm water
- Blue: Cold water. Safe for drinking

How to work:
1. Just touch the lid once, the temperature and drop Indicator will be displayed.
2. Drink with care when the temperature is too high and the drop is in red.
3. After 3-4 second, the screen will turn off by itself.
4. The lid is power saving and unnecessary to be charged.

One tea infuser included

Packaging: White Box

Stainless Steel 304

23.0 x 6.5(diameter) cm

White, Black, Silver, Red, Pink, Blue
2021-10-12 16:22:01

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