Slider Ball Pen (Blue Ink, Slide-To-Write)

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1.0mm Blue ink

Plastic Casing

14.3cm Length

Black, Blue, Red

Carton Packing
50.00 cm x 31.00 cm x 20.00 cm

Qty Per Carton

Carton Weight
9.00 kg

Customer Reviews

  3.50 / 53.50
(based on 2 reviews)
Leo*** on Feb 27, 2020
King took the extra effort to QC the pens which I previously feedback on the hardware durability. Hope the pen's can withstand more clicks this round. Have yet to distribute to my team.
Leo*** on Nov 24, 2019
The pen looks nice on the outside, without looking inferior looking compared to other more expensive options. The Ink can be of a better quality. The press button resulted in the body of the pen receiving vertical cracklines (where the mold joined). GiftMarket may wish to feedback to OEM producer on having a more robust design.
2019-11-21 00:00:00

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