Logitech Spotlight

Logitech Spotlight
Logitech Spotlight
Logitech Spotlight
Logitech Spotlight

2022-11-21 14:14:44

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Retail Price: $195.00


Wireless range: 30 m*

A whole new standard in presentation control. Combining minimalist design with advanced functionality, it’s as effortless to use as it is impressive to wield

Custom Controls
Choose from a range of custom controls to suit each presentation. Use the app to configure Spotlight’s back button for blanking the screen, gesture-controlled scrolling, volume adjustment, and more.

Advanced Pointer System
Set your preferred pointer mode within the Logitech Presentation app. Use magnify to visually zoom on areas of focus. Use highlight to activate a circular vignette that leaves the surrounding area in shade.

Dual Connectivity
Plug-and-play Spotlight instantly on any compatible computer via USB receiver, or connect with low energy Bluetooth®. Spotlight also keeps your computer connected and awake while you present

Smart Time Management
Use the app to set an on-screen timer that begins as you click your first slide. You can also configure key timing milestones that send vibration alerts directly to Spotlight so you stay in command until your final slide.

131mm x 28mm x 12mm

Slate, Gold