23'' Manual Open Inverted Umbrella

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The Inverted Umbrella is designed to not only protect you from the rain, but also from a rain-soaked umbrella. With a 48" arc, double-layer canopy and all-fiberglass construction, the umbrella closes in reversible fashion, keeping the wet side of the umbrella contained and away from you. This intelligent design also makes it easier to open and close from inside doorways and cars, so you stay dry from start to finish. It is also self-standing when closed, for additional convenience and storage options.

Packaging: Individual Poly Bag

190T polyester

23 inch with 8 panel

Blue with black, Red with black, Black with Black

Carton Packing
93.00 cm x 30.00 cm x 25.00 cm

Qty Per Carton

Carton Weight
25.00 kg
2021-12-23 15:17:28

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Umbrella to Body Relative Size