Remax All in One Mini Cable Set

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Multi-functional data cable box: set storage/charging/card storage/conversion/transfer multi-function in one, portable and lightweight, on-the-go storage
2. Hidden design, press to open the box
3. Multi-interface: 8 Pin/Type-C/Micro USB multi-interface conversion at will
4. 60W high power, with fast charging adapter can be fast charging for cell phones / tablets / notebooks and other devices
5. Equipped with a card pickup pin and memory card slot / SIM card slot to prevent loss

Output current:
-Type C To Type-C: 60W
-USB-A To Type-C: 18W
-Type-C To 8 Pin: 20W
-USB-A To 8 Pin: 12W
-USB-C/USB-A To Micro: 18W

Note: the product does not contain SIM cards and memory cards


106 x 30 x 15 mm

Black, Navy , White
2023-08-25 11:22:47

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