Compact Foldable Duffle Bag

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This product, a duffle bag made of durable polyester material, has a unique feature of being pocket-sized when folded, but can expand to a larger size to accommodate a variety of items. The high-density polyester fabric used in its design provides excellent wear and tear resistance, making it ideal for outdoor use. Additionally, it has a soft texture and strong anti-aging properties. Its dimensions of 58cm x 25cm x 29cm make it a spacious bag with a capacity of 36L. It comes in various colours, including black, blue, purple, green, yellow, and army green. However, please note that the colour may appear slightly different from the pictures due to lighting and screen differences. It is a water-resistant bag that can be cleaned using a damp towel or by hand washing, but cannot be machine washed.

*Comes in OPP packaging
* Logo on bag can only be removed from 100 pcs and above


58 x 28 x 25cm

Red , Blue, Yellow, Purple , Black, Army Green , Green