Plantable Pens ( Single Pen with Leaflet )

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Plastic pens are one of the major causes of environmental degradation. They also affect marine life. Purple & Pure came out with an effective solution with their eco-friendly paper pens.

The body of the pen is made up of recycled paper and the refill is regular ballpoint pens, which makes its use just like usual pens.

Default : Branding on Sleeve (Single side or Double Side*) , No logo on pen.

500 pcs and above : Branding on Pen + Sleeve ( Made from plantable paper , with print on both sides *)

*: Additional cost

Please note that the seeds available is seasonal and will be changed when season ends

Recycled Paper


Marigold, Coriander, Chili, Tomato , Basil , Brinjal , Fenugreek, Lady Finger , Mustard