Ultrasonic Seal Landscape Non Woven Bag

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Ultrasonic seal is a way of binding the bags using heat press instead of the usual stitching.

- Brings down the cost of production for bulk production
- Capable of producing large quantities in a shorter time.

M: 30(H) x 40 x 10 cm
L: 35 (H) x 45 x 12 cm
- Customisable at 5000pieces and above


Customer Reviews

  5.00 / 55.00
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El*** on Oct 19, 2020
Good quality and usual and fast delivery
Yi *** on Nov 29, 2019
Bag is in good order and logo printed is nice.
2021-03-03 22:16:46

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Stock colours available below 5000pieces

Overseas Production - Colour options at 10,000pieces and above