Finess Electric Health Eyes Massager

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The 24 finger-like massage contractors is made from silica gel of high purity, with no side effect on the skin. There are 9 different massage modes for a better relaxation. Easy to adjust. Designed according to the eye region structure and distribution of different accupoints. Batteries are not included.

Health Features
Improves blood circulation, eliminates eyestrain and eye muscle tension
Prevent myopia or suspends turning into high myopia
Prevents or alleviates eye pouch, dark circles and wrinkle
Helps insomniac to relax nerves and fall asleep
Suitable for anyone who excessively use eyes, like IT workers, writers, accountants, students,etc

Package includes:
1 x Eye Care Massager
1 x User's Manual
1 x Vision Test Card

Packaging: White Box Packaging

ABS and Silicone

19cm x 10cm x 6cm


Carton Packing
45.00 cm x 45.00 cm x 62.00 cm

Qty Per Carton

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Flo*** on Apr 29, 2019
Well printed on the eye massager.
2017-10-12 14:11:13

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