Here at Gift Market, we not only make sure we get what you want,

We also ensure that we deliver what you TRULY need.

This is how we do it....

... OUR WAY, THE Gift Market WAY.

Research & Strategy

Now where does Research and Strategy fit in for a gift company? It all has to do with understanding the Gift Market, the pun was absolutely intended, and what people really want or what they would be impressed by. Perhaps just handing out branded tissue packets might seem like an odd fit with a bank for example, so we spend more time understanding how your gifts can make an impression on even the most desensitized person.

Global Sourcing

Discover the perfect gift for every occasion with our unparalleled gift-sourcing services. Our expert team, spanning both local and international markets, ensures an extensive selection of unique and thoughtful gifts, tailored to meet your every need. From rare finds to personalized treasures, let us make gift-giving a delightful experience for you!

Webstore and E-commerce

One of the biggest driving forces for your name, your Brand is merchandise. However, who really has the time and resources to manage this seemingly huge operation consisting of storage space, distribution and most importantly, creating ideas for products for you to sell? Gift Market offers you the management of all these functions, YES, we manage your webstore, your products and getting what your customers pay for, to them.

Global Fulfillment

We ship your corporate gifts globally, everywhere and anywhere that is accessible. We could probably also take your gifts up to base camp on Mount Everest. At Giftmarket, we make things possible.



Leave your gift ideas to us

Branded Merchandise

As would any decent gift company, we can stick your logo, your brand identity on a variety of things. Mugs? YES Thumb drives? YES T-shirts? YES! Woven bags, drawstring bags, the list is absolutely ENDLESS! However, why just choose to place something that represents you in every way to the public and your other external stakeholders on something that might be mundane and oh so typical?Here at Gift Market, we not only make sure we get you what you want, we also ensure that we deliver what you truly need.

Recognition & Incentives Program

There’s always something for someone and everyone. Be it shopping vouchers to handcrafted sculptures, Gift Market is able to provide advice based on, you guessed it, years of experience. However, it is also a skill and passion to understand how people behave and react to gifts, this is so important for us and it should be for you too. Incentives and Recognition should be the very representation of what your organisation is all about.


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