Selfie Stick with Tripod And Bluetooth Remote

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Hate to carry a heavy selfie stick?
- Yep, screwing a monopod selfie stick with a heavy tripod, is a pain. Our lightweight foldable selfie stick was designed to eliminate this to make a ordinary Selfie Stick lighter but more functional.

- Just simply unfold the bottom part of the selfie stick to set up the tripod.

Bluetooth Remote
- You may either fixed it onto the selfie stick for taking selfies or detach it from the selfie stick and use it as a remote after you have set up your tripod.

Camera Rotation
- With 270┬░rotation, you simply twist the cradle head or phone holder to take photos, video call or live broadcasting , to meet your different needs, or situation.

18.4 x 2.3cm (Folded)

White, Blue, Pink, Black

Customer Reviews

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Kei*** on Nov 20, 2018
the tripod legs doesn't stand if your phone is like a bigger or heavier version.
2018-10-16 13:38:26

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