How Do You Celebrate Employee Appreciation Day?

Employee appreciation day
Employee appreciation day

When you run a team of hard working employees, it’s vital you take the time to appreciate them and show them your gratitude.

Sure – spontaneous gifts are great – but you better not miss gifting on the big holidays, especially Employee Appreciation Day.

When the day comes around, your employees will probably be expecting something, so how can you make sure you nail the gift and celebrate Employee Appreciation Day like a pro? You don’t want to give a lame gift!

We’ll let you know below, and give you a few excellent gift ideas.

Employee Appreciation Day: The Basics

Employee Appreciation Day focuses attention on all employees in all industries across the globe. It’s a time for companies, managers, and bosses to honour their employees, celebrate their achievements, and make them feel appreciated.

Studies have shown that recognition and appreciation are critical. 79% of employees work harder and productivity increases by 31% due to recognition and thanks.

And on the contrary, a failure to recognize and honour employees can be detrimental to their happiness, productivity, and performance. 

So make sure you don’t overlook Employee Appreciation Day. 

When Does Employee Appreciation Day Happen?

Employee Appreciation Day takes place the first Friday each month across the world. In 2023, Employee Appreciation Day was March 4th. In coming years, it will take place:

  • March 1, 2024
  • March 7, 2025
  • March 6, 2026
  • March 5, 2027

Mark it on your calendar and make sure to celebrate your employees!

Do Most Singapore Companies Celebrate the Day?

Many Singaporean and Southeast Asian businesses celebrate Employee Appreciation Day each year. 

Amira Geneid, CEO of Zahara, says that she and her team like to prioritise open recognition on days like Employee Appreciation Day, “I’ve found that employees will always work better when they understand the contribution that they are making. It helps them realise how valuable they are to the company and it’s a great driver for employees and thus the company as a whole.”

Jillian Cheong, the director of human resources at YOTEL Singapore, explains: “It is with staff recognition that employees will feel a sense of appreciation, and be motivated to take pride and ownership of their work.”

T-Systems Malaysia shows its appreciation to employees on the big day through thank-you notes, Special Recognition Awards, and by posting employees on their highly valued Wall of Fame. Additionally, employees are encouraged to give certain tokens of appreciation to their fellow colleagues on Employee Appreciation Day.

How is Employee Appreciation Day Usually Celebrated?

There are a number of ways to celebrate Employee Appreciation Day. The only wrong way to celebrate it is to forget about it. Here are a few common ways companies honour their employees on the big day.


Branded, random, or corporate gifts are a great way to show employees appreciation. Gifts are the kind of employee appreciation that keeps on giving (unless it’s a gift card or food). A useful tool or a knick knack that stays on their desk for years will serve as a constant reminder they’re appreciated at work. You can also gift goody bags!

Team Celebration

If you’ve got a team of people who aren’t big fans of gifts, you may honour them better by having a teamwide celebration or party on Employee Appreciation Day. Close the office for a few hours, cater food, and give a speech letting your team know how much they mean to you.

Thank You Notes

Generic thank you notes to all of your employees probably won’t fly on Employee Appreciation Day. But personalised, meaningful, handwritten notes to each of your employees are an incredibly significant token of appreciation. If you’re going to go the thank-you note route, make sure they’re personal and heartfelt.

Virtual Games

If your team is fully remote or decentralised across the country, getting everyone together on a Zoom or Google Meet to play a game is a great way to celebrate. Give them some significant time off of work and have some fun. You can play a game together using Steam or you can make your own quiz game or something similar. You could also go old school and play charades!

5 Great Gifts for Employee Appreciation Day

Want to go with gifts for your employees, but no clue what to get them? Here are 5 great gifts you can’t go wrong with. And if you’re buying in bulk, consider getting help from a corporate gift supplier.

Stationery Supplies

Everyone loves good, high quality stationery as a gift. Even though our world is continually moving digital, many of your employees likely still enjoy taking notes or journaling by hand. Branded or personalised stationery makes the perfect gift.

T-Shirts and Apparel

You can’t go wrong with a soft shirt that fits well. Give your employees the gift of style and show them they’re appreciated through high quality apparel. Don’t hesitate to get creative with it, either. Put a funny message or an office inside joke on the shirt for some laughs.

Mugs and Tumblers

We’d be willing to bet more than half of your office drinks coffee or tea throughout the day. What better way to show them they’re appreciated than a mug or a tumbler to house their drink of choice? 

Wine and Alcohol

If a good many of your employees enjoy a nice glass of wine or a drink after work, you can’t go wrong with a classy drink. You can simply gift them alcohol or you can gift them wine or alcohol accessories such as wine glasses or a flask.

Gift Cards

No clue what to gift them? Try a gift card and let them treat themselves to a gift they’ll definitely love. Gift cards are a good option for big teams with a wide range of personalities and hobbies.

Appreciate Your Employees This Year

Make sure you don’t miss Employee Appreciation Day this coming year. But more importantly, strive to create a culture of appreciation for your employees all year round. Trust us, they’ll notice if you only acknowledge them once a year!