What Should I Put In My Employee Goody Bags?

Employee goodie bag
Employee goodie bag

If you are looking for ways to thank your staff for all their hard work, one of the most effective ways is to prepare appreciation gifts.

Humans naturally crave recognition, and as much as 69% of employees say they would work harder if they felt that the business appreciated their efforts. 

However, this only works if you are giving a thoughtful gift. When it comes to budgeting and having more variety, gifting employee appreciation goodie bags is the perfect solution. 

Here is a list of things you should include in your goodie bags to curate enticing employee appreciation gifts. 

1. Work desk essentials

Whether you are welcoming new employees or showing appreciation for your existing ones, you need to make sure everyone in your team has all they need.  

Giving your employees a goodie bag with work desk essentials can make working seamless, thereby improving your employees’ happiness and retention rates. 

Your goal with the work desk kit is to make sure your employees feel comfortable when they are working in the office. 

Some items you can include are a notebook, pen, laptop stand, earphones, chargers, a bottle, mug, or even a blanket to keep them warm in the air-conditioned office. 

2. Foods and beverages

Who doesn’t love receiving edibles in a goody bag! Whether it is gourmet popcorn or a bottle of red wine, giving your employees something delicious is always a good idea. 

Everyone appreciates a tasty snack or refreshing beverage. You can put in popular favourites like chocolate and candy or baked treats.

However, one quick tip is to consider all types of diets and food preferences when packing your goodie bag. Choose a range of food gifts so that everyone can have something they like. Make sure to only put items that don’t need refrigeration and can be conveniently packed. 

An excellent example is this tea break pack. It combines quality tea and snacks that are great for a relaxing break your staff can have at the office.  

3. Electronics and gadgets

Another fantastic idea for a goodie bag is to fill it with electronics and gadgets. 

Contrary to popular belief, tech gifts don’t have to be insanely expensive. Power banks, earbuds, eReaders, and fast-chargers are fun electronic gifts you can get for affordable prices.

These powerful JBL headphones, for example, are wireless and can last for up to 27 hours in battery life, which is highly convenient for your employees.

Not to mention, they are noise-cancelling, helping your staff concentrate better by zoning out the noisy environments.   

4. Personalized everyday items

Likewise, everyday items are another excellent choice as appreciation gifts for your employees. 

This can be anything practical, from water bottles and bags to wallets or coffee mugs.

It is a great way to keep appreciation in their hands since they will use it almost daily. You can even take a step further to customise these gifts and make them even more memorable. 

Personalise them with employees’ names or decorate them with phrases of appreciation like “Thank you for being a hero!”.

It is a tangible way to show gratitude and let your employee feel more involved in their job, which will improve retention rates. 

We recommend using a personalised drawstring bag as your goodie bag and filling it with other gifts. Everyone can reuse it afterwards, which makes it eco-friendly and convenient. 

It is handy, and your employee will bring your message with them no matter if they are travelling or going on a quick trip to the grocery market. 

Plus, everyday items can also be the most suitable for remote workers working from home. You can give them water bottles or heated mugs that will keep them comfortable working at home.  

5. Fitness gear

Employees are the most important asset of your company, and you want to place more effort into keeping them healthy. 

Studies have shown that healthier employees are happier employees, and more satisfied employees can increase their productivity anywhere from 12% to 20%.

That’s why you might want to encourage your employees to lead a more healthy lifestyle, and what better way to do that than by giving them a  fitness pack.

You can include workout apparel and exercise gear like jump ropes or lightweight dumbbells. And if you are feeling generous, you can even consider putting in a fitness tracker to brighten your employee’s day.

You can organise a fitness challenge in the workplace with fitness trackers by offering incentives and motivating them to stay active. 

Besides the long-lasting result of improving your employee’s overall health and wellness, this special event and appreciation gift can also strengthen relationships between co-workers.    

6. COVID-19 essentials

It seems like the pandemic is not going anywhere soon. So what better types of gifts to include in your goody bags than presents that will keep your employee safe. 

You can put together stay safe essentials like masks, sanitiser, self-test kits, and even a UV germ sterilisation gun that would be useful for all your staff. 

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Ultimately, the trick to a desirable and memorable goody bag is considering the well-being of your employees. 

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