Employee Appreciation Gifts: 40 Ideas For Any Occasion

Employee appreciation

Looking for some employee appreciation gift ideas? No matter the occasion, giving your team a gift can help boost their morale and retention.  

A study by Achievers shows that 44% of employees switch jobs because they feel that they are not recognised for their efforts. 

But what kind of appreciation gifts do employees prefer? Here are 40 gift ideas to show your employees how thankful you are for all their hard work!  

1. Stationery supplies

Employee Appreciation Gifts stationery supplies

Perfect for your staff members who still love writing by hand — quality pens, notebooks, and paper planners — are practical gifts for the office to help them stay organised.

2. Wireless headphones or earbuds

Employee Appreciation Gifts headphones

One of the most popular tech gifts on the market, wireless earphones make a great gift because they are portable, great for noise cancellation, and have excellent sound quality that will help employees focus on work.  

3. Wireless fast charger dock

Most smartphones these days support some form of fast charging. Without any physical USB cable, this fast-charging dock is a convenient gift that every employee will appreciate. 

4. Powerbanks

Employee Appreciation Gifts powerbanks

Not just an emergency backup for a smartphone, a powerbank is a convenient battery charger for any electronic device low on battery like your digital camera when travelling.  

5. Smart devices

Employee Appreciation Gifts smart devices

Whether it is a Google Nest Mini for checking the weather or a Roomba to clean up the house — a smart device can help upgrade your employee’s life.

6. Humidifier 

Employee Appreciation Gifts humidifiers

Great for wellness aromatherapy and stylish decor, a humidifier can be a thoughtful gift for your employee to help them relax after a long day at work.  

7. Smartphones and tablets

A smartphone or tablet is the perfect appreciation gift for your star employees. It is both an excellent and expensive gift that will show them how much you value their contribution. 

8. Sports equipment 

Consider giving your employees sports equipment like a yoga mat or resistance band to help jumpstart their fitness routine. 

9. Fitness smartwatch

Employee Appreciation Gifts smartwatch

Keep your workforce healthy by giving them a fitness smartwatch. Whether it is for monitoring sleep quality or tracking exercise data, having a fitness smartwatch is like having an intelligent assistant to monitor your health. 

10. Personalized apparels 

Personalised apparels are another great way to show employees how grateful you are for their contribution. Don’t hesitate to get creative with it. Include a funny or kind message to show your employees how thankful you are. 

11. eGift card

If you really can’t decide what to give your employees, the most practical option might be a gift card. A gift card from Amazon, for example, will give your employees the choice to get the things on their wishlist. 

12. Bags and totes

A functional gift suitable for everyone, your employees can use a bag to pack their work items, travel or just about anything else. 

13. Tabletop games 

Keep your employees happy, productive, and connected with some fun tabletop and board games. It can show your gratitude while joining your team in fun and games. 

14. Stress relievers

Great for your employees to destress at work. A study shows that stress toys like fidget spinners and sponge balls can enhance focus and relieve anxiety. 

15. Drinkware and bottles

Employee Appreciation Gifts waterbottles

Ceramic mugs, stainless steel bottles or a tea infuser bottle are practical everyday gifts for your employees. You could even throw in some tea bags and snacks to make a tea break pack.

16. Wine and alcohol 

Wine is a classy option for showing appreciation to your employee. But what’s even better is holding a wine tasting event. It is a great ice breaker, and your employees can bond as they discover their favourite wines.   

17. Massage therapy

Massage is one of those perks that most if not all your employees will love. It promotes wellness and can reduce many work-related health issues like headaches or fatigue. 

18. Classes and lessons

Employee gifts should be more about the experience than being expensive. So why not give your employees an experience by signing them up for a 90-minute yoga or cooking class. 

19. Monthly subscription gift

If you want to show employees your appreciation year-round, digital subscriptions like Spotify Premium or subscription boxes may be a good choice. 

20. Corporate discounts

Show your employees recognition with perks like discount programs and specialised access to products and services. Beyond financial savings, this can make your team members feel proud to be part of the organisation. 

21. Food and snacks

Everyone enjoys free snacks. Pack a goodie bag that offers variety to cater to different food preferences and those who may have food allergies. 

22. Ergonomics chair

An ergonomic chair is a valuable gift for your employees who spend a lot of time sitting at their desks. It encourages proper posture to reduce hip pressure and boost productivity among staff.  

23. Tickets to a show

Another good gift idea is buying show or movie tickets for the team. This gives your team a chance to connect and get to know each other out of work.

24. Commuting perks

Commuting to work can add up to quite a hefty sum. To help your employees save money, provide commuter benefits such as parking and transit allowance. 

25. Award and recognition

Employee Appreciation Gifts award

An award is the most suitable gift for promotion or workplace achievement events. It is a timeless recognition to celebrate your employee’s success and tell them you are thankful.  

26. Luxury watch

When it comes to employee appreciation gifts, a luxury watch is timeless. It stands out, and each time your employees put on their unique timepiece, they will remember how much you value their efforts.    

27. Luncheon with executives

47% of employees find that new growth opportunities are a better reward than physical goods. So why not set up an executive lunch program to boost employee engagement and let them know what it takes to move up the ladder. 

28. Handwritten thank you notes

High fives and callouts in meetings are fantastic, but a handwritten thank you note can show the personal care and respect you have for each of your employees. 

29. Coffee machine and beans

There’s no better way to start the day than with a cup of perfectly roasted coffee. So whether you are investing one for the office or adding one to your staff’s kitchen, this is an employee recognition gift your team will enjoy tremendously.

30. Remote employee gift set

Engage your employees working from home with a remote employee gift set. You can throw in a webcam, microphone, or monitor to help them set up a proper workstation.

31. Free breakfast or lunch

Besides keeping your employees’ stomachs full and happy, a company breakfast or lunch also provides many opportunities for socializing. 

32. Variety with goody bags

Customising a goody bag is another way to make a simple and personalised gift. You can set themes to decide what to include, like a Christmas-themed pack with candy canes, gingerbread man, and stockings. 

33. Donation to an employee’s charitable cause

Another way to give something back to employees is to support causes that are important to them. Not only will this make your staff happy, but donating to a charity will help promote the proper ethics in your organisation. 

34. Books and eBooks

Giving motivational books can change the life of your employees. Better yet, consider buying your employees a Kindle so they can read wherever they are. 

35. COVID-19 essential kit

Employee Appreciation Gifts goody bags

With the ongoing pandemic, a curated kit containing COVID-19 essentials like masks, sanitiser, and alcohol wipes is a thoughtful gift to show your employees you care. 

36. Offer a gym membership

Regular exercise is essential for your health and wellness. By offering your staff a gym membership, you can encourage your team to lead a healthier lifestyle, making them more productive and energised throughout the day. 

37. Pamper them a self-care kit

Encourage your employees to practise self-care by giving them a care package. You can include essential oils for relaxation or weighted blankets for better sleep.  

38. Give your staff some time off

Work and life can get busy. Your team spends more than a third of their day at work, so why not give them some time off? An extra paid day off on their birthday is a valuable gift everyone will appreciate.

39. Organise a team outing

Gifts can also mean creating a memorable and meaningful moment. Organising a team outing like a bowling night can reduce work stress and facilitate bonding among team members. 

40. Surprise them with a company retreat

The idea of a trip abroad is why many employees join or stay with a company. Plus, It is a great way to motivate your team as they have something to look forward to every year. 


Your employees deserve some recognition for the time and energy they had put in to help the company succeed. So make sure to show your thanks by giving them a gift.

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