ELECOM 3-Way Laptop Backpack

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Retail: $69.90

- We can store baggage for about 19 liters.
- We keep flat at the time of non-storing and, in the bag inside, adopt flexible flat pocket which can expand and contract to size of things.
- Accessory pocket which we can easily open and close with loop fastener is on. We can store steering wheel at the time of use of rucksack.
- Fastener pocket which we mediate petty people such as key or earphone and can store is on.
- It has vertical difference side pocket which can deposit and withdraw bulky quality such as long wallets immediately with having on the shoulder.
- Extension Mesh pocket which can hold plastic bottle or folding umbrella in the side is on.


41cm (W) × 16cm (D) × 31.5cm (H)