Pacum Pacum Travel Vacuum Compressor

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The most powerful, multi-functional, handheld travel compression device in the world. The Pacum travel vacuum drastically increases your carry-on capacity by condensing bulky clothes into space-saving bags. Just put all your clothes in a compression bag, and watch it shrink as the Pacum device sucks all the air out in about 1 minute.

It fits neatly in any suitcase, and makes packing EVERYTHING you need an absolute breeze.

Key Features:
• USB-powered (use with portable power bank or wall socket)
• Super fast – done in under a minute
• Hyper compact – fits into the palm of your hand
• Vacuums AND inflates
• Covered by 2 years' local warranty for manufacturing defects
• Includes: 1x Pacum Vacuum Bag (50cm x 50cm)

8.6cm Height x 4.3cm x 4.6cm

Black, Red, White