TIC Shower & Skin Bottles 2.0 (2019 Latest Version)

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Travel, gym or mid-day shower? The TIC Shower and Skin Bottle is a lightweight and compact portable liquids dispenser. Its hard outer shell and sealed inner containers provide double-layer leak protection in your luggage.

Carry-On Approved
TIC Shower and Skin bottles are carry-on approved, with each container under 100 ml.

How to Use:
• Open lid
• Turn to desired tube until you hear a click
• Press down dispenser for spring-loaded tip to jump out and release liquid

Skin Bottle:
1x labelled container (40ml)
- S-1 (general)

4x labelled containers (20 ml each):
- Makeup Remover
- Cleanser
- Toner
- Serum

4x labelled decks (15 ml each):
- Day Cream
- Night Cream
- Eye Cream
- S-1 (general spare)

Shower Bottle:
2 x labelled containers (50 ml each):
• Shampoo
• Conditioner

1 x labelled containers (100 ml each):
• Body Wash

Skin Bottle Dimensions:
7.4cm Diameter x 18.8cm Height

Shower Bottle Dimensions:
7.4cm Diameter x 16.9cm Height

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