Sleek Handy Fan (with 1200mAh Rechargeable Battery)

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*Only full white model is available currently

Multiple Usage
-You may put it on a table/desk at home or office.
-Or Hold it when traveling, camping, hiking or fishing.

Rechargeable Charging (1200mAh battery)
-Connect it to USB port of various devices, like laptop, USB charger and power bank, to charge it.

Adjustable Speed
-Low/Medium/High. Enjoy the silent breeze/mild wind/cool wind to your satisfaction.

4.2 x 10.5 x 20.7cm (Height)


Customer Reviews

  3.00 / 53.00
(based on 1 reviews)
Dan*** on Feb 10, 2020
A lot of the wires are broken and unable to charge the fan. Fan works when an external cable is used to charge.
2019-12-12 00:00:00

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