Magic Anti Slip Dashboard Sticky Pad

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Keep your cell phone and morning coffee within easy reach with this magic sticky, car anti-slip pad. Don't be "stuck" driving around without it. Stick items firmly to sticky pad to keep them securely mounted as you commute through your day. Can also be used in bathroom, kitchen or office. Temperature Resistant. Non-Magnetic

Put your mobile iPod, cell phone, pens, keys, coins, MP3 Players, sun glasses on any unpainted dashboard, with the new and improved Hand stands' sticky pad for easy access and handy surface.

Designed to prevent slipping and sliding, the sticky pad is the perfect accessory to complement the dash, and secure all hand held devices.

Industrial Grade Non-slip Rubber (PU)

14cm x 8 cm

Black, Clear, Blue, Purple, Yellow, Green and Pink
2018-03-27 07:05:25

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